Meet Neil.


Are you struggling to get more people to your website and into your sales funnel?

Are you working super hard, publishing new content, posting on social media and even getting greenlights in Yoast for SEO but not seeing an increase in traffic?

It’s frustrating, I know.

You probably have a really good idea of the type of person you want to target, but getting in front of them seems impossible.

There’s loads of information and advice available telling you how to do this…

Create an email list and sales funnels, tweet regularly, post images on Facebook and Instagram, snapchat your brand, and so on.

It’s difficult not to feel confused, right?

On top of that, you live a busy life and need to use your time wisely.

Having a family and kids to feed doesn’t leave much time during the week to work on your business, maybe 10 to 20 hours?

Thats why it’s important you make the most of every precious second on the activities that are actually going to help you make more than £30,000 per year and towards a bigger goal of £100,000 per year.

That’s where I come in.

I help you get back in control and promote your business with confidence.

Today is the day, you’re going to stop panicking, getting confused and even sweating at your keyboard over your traffic.

You CAN get more TRAFFIC to your website.

You CAN get more ENQUIRIES and SALES.

You CAN create a THRIVING business online.

WITHOUT feeling frustrated and working all day and night.

Imagine logging into Google Analytics and seeing your numbers go up. Then logging into your bank account and seeing a healthy balance. It’s possible, let’s make it happen!


About Me

Hi, I’m Neil.

I’m a former Investment Banking Consultant, turned Digital Marketing Strategist.

I help busy small business owners with families get more traffic and become though leaders online while protecting their time. I do this by using timely digital marketing tactics that are based on a timeless 7-part strategic framework.

I’ve worked for some of the top Investment Banks including Goldman Sachs and project managing teams of up to 20 people across the world. Being successful in a company like this requires similar skills to growing a business online. Including strategic planning, ability to manage risk, communication and a resilience to move forward.

While working a 9 to 5 job, I struggled to get my website out there as it felt impossible to know what marketing strategies would actually work with the little time I had. It stopped me from taking action. I even spoke to digital agencies about doing it for me, but it was clear they weren’t as passionate about my business as I was.

That’s when I decided to trust myself and take control of my website’s fate. One of my first successes online was in 2011 for an events company which I still run. After 6 years of launching and working on my own online projects, I decided to help other businesses by setting up Only Way Online, a Content and Instagram Marketing Agency.

I also enjoy training online entrepreneurs and smaller businesses and is how the idea of creating the Your Brand Found blog came about.

I teach timely tactics (Content and Instagram Marketing) that fall into a timeless 7-part strategic framework I’ve developed overtime to give your marketing increased success whilst protecting your time.

There’s three reasons why my clients give me heartfelt reviews:

1. I think strategically. The path to growing your business online should be methodical and not based on chasing tactics.

2. I protect you from wasting valuable resources by picking the right strategies to move you towards your goals online.

3. I’m all about the numbers. It’s not only about measuring your progress by knowing the data in analytics but also about making profitable decisions.

Here’s what previous customers have said:

“I’ve known Neil for a while and what I admire most is his integrity. If you work with Neil he will present a plan and that will take your business forward. He considers carefully and he will make sure you understand the plan and the expected outcome. Neil is a professional marketer and will not let you down.” – Keith Foreman

“Working with Neil has been the best decision I have made in my pursuit to learn digital marketing and eventually start my own agency. I originally began learning like most others by reading articles, watching webinars, and enrolling in expensive online courses. The problems I ran in to were: conflicting information, outdated material, and becoming frustrated when I would get stuck as there was no way for me to get my questions answered on a generic webinar or webinar replay. I got so fed up of feeling lost I made a post seeking consulting which is how I began working with Neil.  Neil teaches and communicates extremely effectively and has cured me of the overwhelmed state I had when I was trying to learn digital marketing concepts on my own.  He is extremely patient in answering questions and re explaining concepts that I wasn’t able to immediately grasp. Lastly, and most importantly, Neil is extremely ethical and does what he says he is going to do. There are many sharks in this game who will upsell you or overpromise then underdeliver and Neil is not one of them. I genuinely feel as though he has my best interest in mind and recommend him to anyone looking to learn or enhance their business.” – Steve Foreman

“The commercial knowledge and expertise he brings from the City is why he is able to gain such deep understanding of our market and audience. He really takes the initiative and goes well beyond our expectations. This is a truly bespoke service that is worth every penny.” – James Ellison


You & Your Brand Found

Your Brand Found is about helping you to grow your audience and online sales.

You may not know exactly how to get there right now, but you will.

It’s about taking your general understanding of concepts, and putting it together in a way where you’re confident enough to start taking action.

And give yourself the permission to take your business up a level online.

But I want you to enjoy it along the way.

That’s by stopping trying to do everything and focusing on the right things at the right time, so you can spend more time with your family and sip coconuts. 🙂


Sipping Coconuts

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