Your Brand Found

Meet Neil, the man behind Your Brand Found

Hi, I’m Neil.

I’m a former Investment Banking Consultant, turned Digital Marketing Strategist. I’m the founder of Only Way Online, a digital marketing agency where we grow your business online for you. Personally, I also offer marketing strategy and consulting.

I help businesses attract new customers online whilst protecting their time and resources. I do this by using timely digital marketing tactics that are based on a timeless 7-part strategic framework.

There are three reasons why my clients give me heartfelt reviews:

1. I think strategically. The path to growing your business online should be methodical and not based on chasing tactics.

2. I protect you from wasting valuable resources by picking the right strategies to move you towards your goals online.

3. I’m all about the numbers. It’s not only about measuring your progress by knowing the data in analytics but also about making profitable decisions.

I help you get back in control and promote your business with confidence.

Today is the day you’re going to stop panicking, getting confused and even sweating at your keyboard over your traffic.

You CAN get more TRAFFIC to your website.

You CAN get more ENQUIRIES and SALES.

You CAN create a THRIVING business online.

WITHOUT feeling frustrated and working all day and night.

Imagine logging into Google Analytics and seeing your numbers go up. Then logging into your bank account and seeing a healthy balance. It’s possible, let’s make it happen!

Your Brand Found is about helping you grow your audience and online sales.

You may not know exactly how to get there right now, but you will.

It’s about taking your general understanding of concepts, and putting it together in a way that makes you confident enough to start taking action.

Give yourself the permission to take your business up a level online.

So, stop trying to do everything and let’s focus on the right things at the right time, so you can spend more time with your loved ones.

If you would like to start your journey to getting more traffic on your website, take the 3-day SEO challenge by signing up below or get in touch for more personalised coaching.