A Beginners Guide To Posting On Reddit

Neil Sheth

6 February 2018

When I first launched my blog, Your Brand Found, I knew I had to get it in front of as many people as possible.

I wanted to get as many readers and email subscribers as possible without paying a penny or waiting 6 months.

That left with me one option: Online Communities.

And one of the biggest online communities out there, you guessed it, is Reddit.

I used Reddit in 2017 to generate hundreds of visitors to my website in one day.

Reddit Image

I don’t know what niche you’re in, but there’s a good chance Reddit can help to grow your business. I’ve also put together 23 other small business online marketing strategies once you’re done with Reddit. 🙂

For instance:

Interested in talking to cat lovers about your unique cat food recipe? Reddit.

Want to share your cryptocurrency expertise with people actively trading altcoins? Reddit.

Want to get feedback on your new health iphone app idea from fitness enthusiasts? Reddit.

Reddit is a MONSTER of a community serving thousands of niche audiences.

To drive the point home, take a look at these stats:

  • Reddit is estimated to get more than 1.5 billion hits a month (source: SimilarWeb)
  • A user spends more than 10 minutes on average per session (source: SocialMediaToday)
  • Ranked as the fourth most visited website in US and eighth in the world (source: Wikipedia)

Reddit Traffic Estimates

Founded by University of Virginia roommates Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian in 2005 and more than 12 years on, the company is valued at more than $1.8 billion.

I have a good feeling I’ve peaked your interest. 🙂


The Elephant In The Room – The Design!

Before we get into how you to use Reddit, I wanted to address the elephant in the room—the website design.


Look, I know it’s not the most aesthetic and can be a little overwhelming at first, but, when you get it, you get it. Trust me, it will all make sense in the end. 🙂


Getting Started With Reddit

Before plunging into the world of Reddit it’s important you get familiar with the following:

What’s A Subreddit?

Think of a subreddit as a specific category dedicated to a specific topic.

Interested in skincare? Checkout r/skincareaddiction subreddit

Interested in cars? Checkout r/cars subreddit

Love photography? Checkout the r/photography subreddit

There’s a subreddit for everything.

If you take a look at the top of the screen you can see a list of default subreddits. You can also search for subreddits using the “search” box on the top right.

Reddit Navigation Top


Quick pro tip: as you will soon realise, the default subreddits are not very helpful, but you can easily define your own default subreddits.

I did this after a few years, and it’s such a big difference in Reddit experience and I’ve saved loads of time too.

It’s simple. Just subscribe to subreddits you’re interested in and unsubscribe from subreddits you’re not.


Posting and Reading On Reddit

Reddit can be a little complicated to navigate at first, so be patient.

There’s two main types of Reddit posts:

  1. a) Content that links to content outside of Reddit e.g.written, video, or image
  2. b) Written content that is specifically created for Redditors i.e. Reddit Users

It’s quite common to come across posts that simply link to content on outside of Reddit. Where it gets interesting is where people can then comment and talk about it in Reddit. If you want to read the discussion and be part of it, just click on “comments” instead of clicking on the main link.

To share a link to a website, click “Submit a new link” button.  

You can then add a link, image or video, title and finally tell Reddit the subreddit you want the post to appear in.

Reddit Link Post


If you want to post an original thought specific to Reddit, just click on “Submit a new text post” and again you will be taken to another form.

Reddit Text Post


Then, just fill in the title, text, and choose the subreddit you are posting to.

Before posting a link or specific Reddit content, it’s a good idea to read the community’s posting guidelines to stay within the rules.


How Voting On Reddit Works

Voting allows the Reddit community the power to decide what content deserves to be at the top.

Most people on Reddit use the upvote and downvote buttons if they agree or disagree with the post.

Instead, the voting buttons should reflect whether a post meaningfully adds value to the community.

For instance, if you think a post does not contribute to the subreddit it is posted in or is off-topic in a particular community, you should downvote it.

But it’s going to be hard to change the opinion of Redditors, and the downvote button is a disagree button.


Reddit Karma

Reddit rewards users with Karma points.

As Redditors upvote your contributions, you earn Karma points. On the other hand, you lose Karma points when users downvote your links and comments.

To see your Karma points, go to your profile page.

What can you do with Reddit Karma?

Personally, I don’t use it in any particular way other than knowing how well my content is perceived on Reddit.

Even then, I focus on the performance of the specific post itself, rather than some generic point system.

That’s not to say it doesn’t have its’ uses. Some subreddits require you to have a certain number of points before you can post a link or comment to help combat spam.

Also, as Reddit Karma is a public user metric, you could also use it to gauge the person you are speaking to.

Overall, know what Reddit Karma is, but don’t get too hung up with it.


Being A Good Person On Reddit (a.k.a reddiquette)

I added in this section as there is certainly a reddiquette that is worth understanding.

Like, if you’re going to repost someone else’s post on another subreddit, you need to reference the original post as a cross post.

Or, similar to a business networking event, you need to get to know the group and they need to get to know you.

The best way to build relationships in a new group is by giving. You can do that by helping people with their questions, connecting people with each other and just generally being a good citizen on Reddit.

If you want to save yourself from getting banned on Reddit, avoid the following:

  • Submitting links to your own website only
  • Asking for people to upvote your post
  • Talk about yourself and how good you are
  • Submitting the same comment across multiple subreddits


Closing Comments

Reddit represents a huge opportunity to establish and grow a real business online. Just like any new tool or business, it is important to take the time to learn how it works.

If you take the time to navigate Reddit, get to know the community, and share value you will begin to realize it’s true potential.

So take the time, join a community, and post meaningful or helpful content.

Feel free to ask me questions along the way! 🙂



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