Business Coaching From A Successful Business Owner (10+ Years Of Launching Multiple Businesses)

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Let’s Talk Business Strategy.

Hey, I’m Neil Sheth, a husband, father, entrepreneur and successful business owner. At the time of writing this, I run two successful businesses and hire 4 people in total and growing. We’re actually in the middle of launching a third.

I live, breathe and think business. If I could eat it, I would. “Business” happens to be one of my favourite hobbies. You know where work, doesn’t feel like work and more like play. 🙂

I know what it feels like to really want to grow a successful business and stop living month to month, week to week and day to day.

I also know what it feels like to wish your business was running by itself. Allowing you to have more control on your future and focus on the things you enjoy and live a rich life.

That’s why I want to help you to win in business too. This is your time to run a successful business and I’m going to help you to make it happen.

As a former investment banking business consultant, I’ll help you think strategically, plan methodically and fearlessly implement the required changes in your business

I work with everyone from new business owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs from all walks of life and industries. The key is having a positive attitude, an openness to change and relentless desire to reach your goals.

Business Coaching To Help You Reflect, Change, Succeed

With the business coaching programme in London we will work together on the following areas:

Reflection Research

We start by diving deep into your business and laying out what you’re doing well with and areas of improvement.

It’s very likely there will be one or two areas that we focus coaching on initially but this may range across: brand positioning, marketing, sales, scaling, people management, optimising processes, project management and many others.


Change Plan

Once we diagnosed the areas of your business that requires top priority focus, we will together draw out a clear roadmap to reaching your goals.

It’s during the change plan process that we both agree clear actions, owners and dates. Knowing what to fix is only a third of the problem. Know how to fix it and actually do it is the hard part.


Success Implementation

With a plan agreed and in place, we then divert our focus to making it happen. Or as you hear many gurus say, take ACTION.

Running a business as well as making changes for the future at the same time can be difficult. It’s therefore important we set realistic milestones and keep our focus on the top priority. I’ll help you do that.

As you begin to focus on actually doing the work, it’s not uncommon to experience mental roadblocks or have specific questions stopping you from moving forward. That is why my role as a business coach is to offer expert support, ideas, strategic sound-boarding and overall guidance to help you reach your goals.

What They Say.

I’ve known Neil for a while and what I admire most is his integrity. If you work with Neil he will present a plan and that will take your business forward. He considers carefully and he will make sure you understand the plan and the expected outcome. Neil is a professional marketer and will not let you down


Director, Futons

Neil is a great person to coach and explain the vagaries of how to reach your target market and make the best possible use of your online presence!  Professional, experienced and a great communicator, Neil has enabled me and empowered me to take my business to the next level ! Brilliant support and guidance


Business Owner, Celebrant

As a new entrepreneur, trying to get my business off the ground, Neil was an absolute angel. I came across Neil through a friend’s recommendation. He has an extremely patient and calm nature, that is vital when teaching someone. He took time out prior to meeting me to get a better understanding of where my strengths and weaknesses lie, so there was no time wasted during our coaching session. It is important to find someone who genuinely cares about your business and you. Neil adapted his expertise to apply it within the field and industry of my business, to ensure that I am able to achieve my goals, grow and prosper


Business Owner

Neil is much more than a digital marketer. The commercial knowledge and expertise he brings from the City is why he is able to gain such deep understanding of our market and audience. He really takes the initiative and goes well beyond our expectations. This is a truly bespoke service that is worth every penny


Founder, Lateral