Instagram Content Strategy: Content Your Followers Love

Wondering why your Instagram content is not getting good engagement?

Not sure why people are not “liking” your posts?

Feel chained to creating content on Instagram and wondering how to make it easier and actually have fun?

I know what the problem is.

You need an Instagram Content Strategy.

It’s easy to post selfies, inspirational quotes or pictures of your family on Instagram, but do your followers and customers want to see that?

I’ve seen this issue across small businesses and entrepreneurs to very large businesses.

Take this large London based Restaurant Group as an example. They were struggling to grow their Instagram account and saw engagement levels at all times low.

I had an initial review and it was clear they were missing a cohesive content strategy across all their restaurants that would appeal to their audience.

With all restaurant marketing managers in a room, we spent most of the workshop talking CONTENT.

I truly believe that quality content is the foundation to growing a brand online and building relationships with customers.

Now, you could try to work it out yourself over the next year or so and even still not be sure of it.

Alternatively, we can define your Instagram content strategy together.

I’m not in the details of your business and so will see things from a different perspective. I’ve also worked across a number of industries so am well placed to advise what works and how to stand out.


Here’s what Rhoda said after an Instagram session:

“Props to Neil Sheth for help with Instagram and Content Marketing. Big thanks to Neil who showed me around Instagram and helped me think over how it would fit in the overall plan for my business. I liked especially how he gets that it’s not just about clever marketing, but that clever marketing means using the right media that will serve me and to move towards my business goals.”

– Rhoda Barfoot