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70% increase in organic traffic in 10 months

A highly professional and competent agency. They are dedicated to delivering great results and are a pleasure to work with” – Stephanie (SASS)

Improved storytelling and 50% organic increase in traffic in 6 months

We have been working with Neil and the team for over 2 years now. From the start we were very impressed with Neil’s technical knowledge of SEO and digital marketing. The team has a very transparent, proactive and hands on approach and their service and results have been outstanding…Their work has been invaluable in successfully launching our new website and ensuring that our site is highly ranked in Google“.- Jay P (E-Commerce)

Online influence growth, top of Google for high value search terms and overall 30% increase in organic traffic in 9 months

Neil and team have done a great job on our Search Engine Optimisation campaigns and we have seen our business consistently hit the top of the list for organic search. This has not only seen an increase in our click through rate but ultimately lead to many more relevant leads and more importantly sales. Would recommend”. – Grant B (Marketing Agency)

Featured on Thrive, Entrepreneur and multiple authority publications

Neil and his team are super helpful and very clear, they provide no BS pragmatic advice and are really efficient at following through. I love that they cover both SEO and PR as well as content marketing. Because of this, they are also sure to incorporate credibility into their PR work which is incredibly important given so much of mainstream PR doesn’t actually factor this in! Love working with them“. – Jaimie (Coach)

40% increase in organic leads in 2 months

We’ve been working with them for over a year now and have been very impressed with their expert advice on digital marketing. Following their recommendation, we engaged them to rebuild our website to provide the best platform for future digital marketing and SEO performance and are very happy with the results. As a design company ourselves, you can imagine that we are quite difficult to please, but they delivered an excellent end result“. – David C (Interior Design)

200%+ increase in organic traffic

“Pleasure to work with you” – Piia (Beauty E-Commerce)

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Growing your audience and building a long term business requires a combination of strategic planning and meticulous implementation.

When growing my own or client businesses we identify high probability growth strategies and as the audience and business grows we begin to apply more creative or higher budget strategies e.g. paid advertising.

Having obsessed about growing businesses online since 2009, I’ve honed in my overall online growth strategy and I’d like to share that with you. Enter your details below.

Worked With 200+ Businesses

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Who is the Online Growth Strategy download for?

I want to grow my authority and build a brand online

Establishing a persuasive presence online and making your online presence work harder for you is what I’m all about. I believe growing authority should be done at the same time as growing an audience and I show you how to achieve that in the online growth strategy download.

I want to grow my organic traffic and reduce reliance on paid advertising 

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I need to improve my content strategy

My favourite topic – content. My sweet spot in online marketing is creating content that allows you to demonstrate your expertise, grow your authority in the industry and establish yourself as trustworthy, whilst also growing you awareness by sprinkling in SEO.

Not Sure Where To Start

If you’re unsure where to start to grow your audience online, I’ve essentially distilled over 10 years of building businesses online into my 1-page online growth strategy..

I want to get to the top of Google and get more organic traffic and sales

Getting more love from Google is a process of creating content Google loves, creating content your audience resonates with and building a trustworthy brand with digital PR. All of those activities happen to grow your authority and persuasive powers online. No surprise, as Google loves and trusts brands. I’ve worked with over 200 businesses and in the download show you where the magic happens!


When you finally understand what your customer wants in the way they want, your business will grow.

Neil Sheth

Digital Content Strategist

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