Get Found In Google By Optimising Your Pages Like A Pro

If you’re interested in maximising your online presence, read on.
Most people build their websites based on an idea of what they want the look and feel to be.

What generally gets ignored is WHO the website is for and more importantly, HOW it will reach them.

In other words, the “marketing" side of it.

Because, when you start a website with “marketing” in mind, you are now increasing your chances of getting in front of the people you want.

Now, there are a few things you can look at from user navigation, calls-to-action to type of content across each page, but if you’re going to do one thing, it needs to be optimising your website for SEO.

Because when you finally have the traffic you deserve, you can always change and make improvements to your website.

I take this approach to my own and clients' websites.

Worry about TRAFFIC first, everything else on your website you’re not happy about can wait.

It’s why I’ve put together this guide on how to optimise your website for SEO.

Follow it and you will have a strong foundation in place for getting organic traffic.

Once you’ve been through the guide and made the changes, it will be like finally opening your shop doors for more business.

“Working with Neil has been an absolute pleasure.”

“His understanding of SEO is very impressive. What he doesn’t know about SEO is simply not worth knowing. He also has a great ability to explain SEO, how it works and how to best implement it. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to improve google ranking and increase sales.”

– Hakan